Press Information, 30.05.2021

May 2021, Laudenbach

 Detia Degesch Group presents itself with a new logo and corporate design

Our corporate group's new uniform logo will strengthen the bond with our subsidiaries

For more than 200 years already, the name of Detia Degesch has been standing for family traditions, quality, optimum protection and continuous innovation – values which the company also represents, as of today, in its new image and corporate identity.

In order to emphasise these values and provide our company globally with a more modern, uniform and powerful corporate identity, the hitherto existing logos are replaced by a clear, more attractive logo with a new design.

The hitherto existing logo – a combination of two separate logos – gives way to a new, crisp logo which underlines the international standing of our company and presents it as more contemporary and up-to-date. The new logo is combined with a new corporate design as well.

"The new logo is to represent the continuous further development of our brand, our products and services. It stands, in equal measure, for what we are today and also what we want to be in the future – a dynamic and innovative family-owned company having a long history and developing, today already, solutions for tomorrow“, says Dr Marco Rudolf, CEO of Detia Degesch Group.

The new design bridges the long company history, its values and the future orientation of the medium-sized family enterprise.

The highlighted terms of DETIA and DEGESCH harmonise and unify corporate components closely connected in their functions for many decades in order to form one single unit. The term "GROUP“ emphasises the international orientation and activities of our company. The logo presentation was deliberately maintained in the powerful red colour of the original Detia logo.

The logo is characterised by a shield with three white lines reflecting our international corporate values:


The press release can be downloaded here.

About our company:

The Detia Degesch Group with headquarters in Laudenbach is a medium-sized, internationally leading corporate group of the chemical industry in the field of manufacturing pest control products for stored product protection.

At six locations worldwide, we employ a workforce of 500 persons; 150 thereof at our Laudenbach location.

Contact person: Ms Heike Lücke-Senocak, phone: +49 (0) 6201 708 553