Traps to kill

Killing traps on the contrary offer permanent solution, but with the necessity to check quite often and to dispose of the dead animal bodies. A killing trap is normally used only once as it then carries the odour of the dead rodents.

Traps to kill

Mouse- und Rat snap traps made of wood

The tried and true snap trap to catch mice and rats. Snap trap of beech wood with effective ironing bracket.
Packaging unit:   2 mouse traps; 1 rat trap

Mouse and Rat snap traps made of plastics

  • easy to clean, multi-use
  • easy handling

Trap rat:
Dimension: 7 x 8 x 14 cm
Trap Mouse:
Dimension: 5,5 x 5 x 9,8 cm
Trap Maus KNESS:
Dimension: 5,5 x 5 x 9,8 cm
Packaging unit:  each 1 piece

Pincer Type Vole trap

Very stable, galvanised trap, two-side catching possibility.
Packaging unit:   1 piece (10 pcs/carton)

Vole trap

Cooper plated wire, very effective
Packaging unit:   2 pcs/pack (10 packs/carton)