Warehouse moth

(Ephestia elutella)


The warehouse moth (fam. Pyralidae) is widespread in Europe and large parts of North America. The moth has a wing span of 16 to 20 mm. Its grey to brown-grey front wings feature wavy transverse bands, which have dark edges. Its lifestyle largely corresponds to that of the Indian meal moth. However, the warehouse moth can also be found outdoors.



In addition to its lifestyle, it also has a very similar diet to the Indian meal moth, meaning that it also causes the same damage. Its varied names (in addition to warehouse moth, it is also known as a tobacco moth or a cacao moth) are indicative of its rich diet, which, in addition to grain products, nuts and sweets (it is the main pest in the confectionary industry), etc., also includes cocoa beans, tobacco, and even hay and straw.