Rust-red grain beetle

(Cryptolestes ferrugineus)


The rust-red grain beetle is only approximately 2 mm long, very flat and red-brown in colour. Unlike on the sawtoothed grain beetle, the pronotum does not feature small teeth; however, it has vertical lines running parallel on both edges. Its lifestyle and development cycle are comparable to those for the sawtoothed grain beetle.

As it is resistant to cold temperatures, the beetle is also common in northern areas and it can hibernate in unheated stores.



The damage caused by the rust-red grain beetle is comparable to that caused by the sawtoothed grain beetle.

This species can be found – often in large numbers – in all types of grain, but also in grain products, dried fruits, peanut kernels and expellers. In the grain, the larvae feed on seedlings and the endosperm of the kernels; wheat is particularly affected.

Mass reproduction can lead to a significant increase in temperature affecting clusters of grain.