Brown-banded cockroach

(Supella longipalpa)


The brown-banded cockroach is approximately 11 mm long and mid brown in colour with a round, black fleck on the pronotum and two characteristic light horizontal stripes. Apart from this, it is very similar to the German cockroach. The females have short wings, while the males have long ones, with two light horizontal stripes in both cases. Unlike the males, the females cannot fly. The creatures are nocturnal and can run quickly.

The egg sacks contain approximately 14 eggs and are deposited in cracks in furniture or similar as soon as they are ready. The larvae take from 7 weeks to several months to hatch depending on the temperature. At temperatures around 28 °C, the subsequent larva development takes around 3 months. The brown-banded cockroach is very thermophilic and has been introduced to Germany in the last few years, primarily from the Mediterranean and the USA.

Compared to the German cockroach, brown-banded cockroaches need less moisture and are most likely to be found in apartments, commercial kitchens, restaurants and hospitals. They cannot hibernate outdoors in the climatic conditions in Central Europe.



In terms of lifestyle and the damage caused, it resembles the German cockroach.